Call for Abstracts

Deadline to Submit Abstract extended: January 1, 2022

Abstracts will be reviewed for acceptance based on their scientific merit. 
Please complete and submit abstracts per the instructions below.

  •  Abstracts must be submitted using the online submission link.

    • Do not fax, mail or email your abstracts as they will not be considered.

  • All abstracts must be submitted in English.

  • The names and  affiliations of ALL authors should be included in the abstract,  i.e. department, institution, city, country.

  • Abstracts should be no longer than 500 words, not including the title, author names and affiliations.

  • Inclusion of abstracts in the scientific program is dependent on the payment of registration fees by the presenting author.


Please choose the  topic that best relates to your abstract:

  1. Lightning discharge physics

  2.  Thunderstorm research, including charging and meteorology

  3. Upper atmospheric discharges (TLEs)

  4.  Fair weather electricity, including the global electric circuit (GEC)

  5.  Aerosols and ions

  6.  Planetary electricity

  7.  Impacts of climate change on thunderstorms

  8. Thunderstorm safety and protection

  9. High energy processes in thunderstorms

  10. Lightning  space missions (space-borne observations)

  11. General Contribution


There are  2 abstract submission categories. Please specify your preferred category of presentation on the on-line submission form.

  1. Oral presentation

  2. Poster presentation


  • The Presenting author will be informed approximately one month after the submission deadline whether their abstract/s has been accepted for presentation.

  • We ask you to understand that the number of slots for oral presentations are limited. Therefore, some presenters may be asked to adapt their oral presentations to posters.

  • Once you have submitted your abstract you can edit the document/authors/affiliations etc. by logging in again.

  • Please note, this feature is only available up until the submission deadline  or until the abstract has been accepted.


  • You can check the status of abstracts submitted by logging in. Click on the abstract tab to track the review process. 

  • Once your abstract has been reviewed you will also receive an email notification.

Keep note of your username and password so you can use them for logging
in again to  modify and  track  the status of your abstract.