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17th International Conference on Atmospheric Electricity

Tel Aviv, Israel
June 19-24, 2022

We are closely monitoring the worldwide situation
of the Corona pandemic.At this point, we are planning to hold our international conference as a face-to-face event but may consider changing it to a hybrid event with physical attendance and an online audience.  A final decision will be taken in early 2022. 

ICAE 2022 Conference

June 19-24, 2022
Welcome Letter

Dear Friends and Colleagues,


It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the 17th International Conference on Atmospheric Electricity (ICAE 2022) conference to be held in Tel Aviv, Israel, from  June 19-24, 2022.  ICAE conferences are held every four years under the auspices of the International Commission on Atmospheric Electricity,  a commission of the International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences (IAMAS) which is one of the associations of the International Union of Geophysics and Geodesy (IUGG).


The quadrennial ICAE conference is the world's largest event devoted to the science of atmospheric electricity with topics such as:

•             Lightning discharge physics

•             Thunderstorm research, including charging and meteorology

•             Upper atmospheric discharges (TLEs)

•             Fair weather electricity, including the global electric circuit (GEC)

•             Aerosols and ions

•             Planetary electricity

•             Impacts of climate change on thunderstorms

•             Thunderstorm safety and protection

The ICAE 2022 meeting will provide a platform for researchers and students from all over the world to present their latest atmospheric electricity research and discoveries, while exchanging ideas and networking with colleagues and making new friends. The scientific program will be complemented with an excursion and various social activities. 


The ICAE 2022 will take place in the metropolitan area of Tel Aviv, Israel’s cultural center. Tel Aviv is a busy metropolis, with an energetic atmosphere, exotic markets, an active restaurant/nightlife scene, wide variety of museums, galleries, theaters and concert halls, bordered (on one side) by long stretches of golden beaches along the Mediterranean. It is easy to get to/from Ben Gurion International Airport from all global destinations, and Tel Aviv is less than an hour from Jerusalem. The central location offers opportunities to explore the rich history of the country, and participants are encouraged to spend a few extra days to travel and sight-see. Participants will be able to book tours via the website.


Participants are welcome to submit abstracts for both oral and poster presentations. We especially welcome young scientists and students, particularly from developing countries. We hope to provide some basic financial support for students from developing nations.  Given the COVID-19 situation in 2022, there  is a possibility the conference will be held in a hybrid mode.


We look forward to welcoming you to Israel, for what will be a stimulating and inspiring scientific, social and cultural event.


Looking forward to seeing you in Tel Aviv in 2022!


Colin Price and Yoav Yair

Co-Chairs of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC)


About ICAE

The International Commission on Atmospheric Electricity, ICAE, is a commission of the International Association of Meteorology and Atmospheric Sciences (IAMAS).

The IAMAS is one of the eight associations of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics (IUGG) and cooperate with the other associations in cross-disciplinary activities.

The ICAE, as a Commission of the IAMAS, fulfills the rules stated in the Bylaws of the IAMAS with the exception of declarations and specifications in the Bylaws of the ICAE.


Objectives of the  ICAE

  • To promote the scientific study of electrical phenomena in the atmosphere.

  • To stimulate discussion, presentation and publication of scientific results that relate to electrical phenomena in the atmosphere.

  • To promote education and public awareness of electrical phenomena in the atmosphere.


Program at a Glance

June 19, 2022
June 20, 2022
June 21, 2022
June 22, 2022
June 23, 2022
June 24, 2022
All Day: Arrivals & optional pre-conference tours

Late afternoon:
Registration Opens

Evening: Get-together reception

Full day sessions
Evening: Tel Aviv Walking Tour 
Full day sessions
Evening: At leisure
Full day sessions
Evening: Activity to be followed by dinner
Full day sessions
Evening: At leisure
Morning  sessions
Optional post-conference tours
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Local Organizing Committee

Executive Scientific Committee

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 Universidad Nacional
de Córdoba


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Centrum Wiskunde & Informatica (CWI)


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Russian Academy of Science, Nizhny Novgorod


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National Institute
for Space Research


Gifu University


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Uppsala University


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University of Reading

United Kingdom

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Universitat Politècnica
de Catalunya



University of California,
Santa Cruz


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Duke University


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Secretary ICAE

Chinese Academy of Meteorological Sciences


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President, ICAE

Chinese Academy of Sciences



University of Mississippi 


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University of Toulouse


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National Severe Storms Laboratory NSS



University of Florida


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Osaka  University



About Tel Aviv

Ever since the establishment of the State of Israel, Tel Aviv has served as the financial, entertainment, and cultural center of the country.  Founded in 1909 near the ancient port of Jaffa and built on sand dunes, Tel Aviv lies on a beautiful beach strip of the Mediterranean.

Tel Aviv is a vibrant, modern, cosmopolitan city, with major focus on its high-tech developments.
Also known as the "White City" due to its 1930s Bauhaus styled buildings, it is filled with contemporary art galleries, museums, chic cafes, artisan boutiques and beautiful beaches. With a bustling nightlife Tel Aviv is the  "city that never sleeps".


Typical of so much of Israel, Tel Aviv juxtaposes the old and the new. The old port of Jaffa, with its colorful artists' quarter and flea market, reflects the special atmosphere of ancient times, while the modern hotels, skyscrapers and busy shopping malls portray the brisk vibrant city life.

A modern cultural center, Tel Aviv, boasts many fine art galleries, entertainment centers and museums such as  the multi-media at the Jewish Diaspora Museum. The world famous Israel Philharmonic Orchestra performs at the Bronfman Auditorium, next to Israel's Habima National Theater. The Golda Meir Center for Performing Arts is home to the Israeli opera, dance companies, theater companies and concerts, and the Suzanne Dellal Dance Center, situated in the old Neve Tzedek Quarter of the city, offers exciting programs.

Apart from the open air markets and shopping malls, popular street shopping areas, like the bohemian Sheinkin Street and Neve Zedek, portray the newest trends in fashion and styles.


About Israel

The State of Israel gained independence in 1948, and is a democratic society with  9.3 million inhabitants.  It is home to Jews, Arabs (Muslim and Christian), Bedouin, and Druze.

Geographically, it is a small country, and is comprised of areas and climates that differ vastly from one another.  It has the humid and warm western Mediterranean coastal plain, the cool mountains of the Galilee in the north, the dry hills of Judea in the east and the extremely hot Negev Desert in the south.


Within its small perimeters, Israel is abundant in fascinating archeological and Biblical sites, such as Jerusalem, Nazareth, Bethlehem, Masada, Tiberias, Acre, Jaffa, Sea of Galilee, and many more. Israel has a rich history, going back more than 3000 years: the Canaanite period, Kingdoms of Judah and Israel, Persian, Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine Empires, Islamic, Crusader, Mamluk, Ottoman and British periods, have each left their marks.


In the last century, Israel has seen the revival of the Hebrew language and the evolution of a flourishing culture, including literature, music, dance and art. Throughout those years, universities, research centers and scientific institutes were established, and a sophisticated high-tech industry was formed.
In Israel one may encounter different multi-faceted cultures, from modern cosmopolitan cities, such as Tel Aviv, to Israel's unique communal society, the Kibbutz.
Israel's cuisine reflects its multicultural society based on different food traditions from all over the world. From falafel stands to gourmet restaurants, Israel offers a wide spectrum of Mediterranean, Oriental, European and Asian food as well as a variety of refined, locally produced wines.


Image by Artur Aldyrkhanov


Tel Aviv University
The Porter  School of Environmental Studies
The EcoBuilding
Tiny Check

Sponsorship Opportunities

The Conference organizers recognize the importance of cooperation between science and industry and the valuable contribution made by sponsoring companies and organizations. ​


For information about sponsorship options, please contact the secretariat:

Target Conferences Ltd.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Tel: +972.3.517.5150

E-mail:  ICAE@target-conferences.com

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Under the Auspices

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